Art is not just something that is meant to be looked at, it is meant to be experienced. People will travel for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of miles to see a famous painting or sculpture, and it has the ability to move them and to bring up emotions in a very unique way. Although we often equate this type of art with a masterpiece, such as the Mona Lisa, it can also be seen in modern-day art that may take place right in your own area. The type of art that I’m speaking of is 3-D street art. This [More]
Have you ever watched an artist work and it seems as if they can simply create something without any real effort on their part? It is true that they make it look effortless, and most of them are gifted in that area, but they will readily admit that anybody could do it if they only put their mind to it. That is also true of 3-D street art, and it might surprise you with exactly how possible it is for anyone to do. This video was created during the London Festival of Architecture in 2010. 3-D street artists, Philip Battle [More]
When you visit an art gallery, it can be quite an experience. As you move from one piece of art to another, it really fills you with appreciation, not only for the piece of art itself but also for the individual who was responsible for creating it. Although it certainly is possible to visit an art museum to see such a masterpiece, they are also seen in many other areas as well. I’m talking about 3-D street art, something that has been gaining in popularity in recent years; and for good reason. It is absolutely fantastic to see, and it [More]
When you look at a wonderful piece of art, it may just make you think about how it was created and you might even begin to consider that it was impossible to do. Of course, we recognize that many people are skilled in the art form that they take part in, which is why they are able to do what seems to be impossible. We can get that feeling in any type of artwork, but it is especially felt when you look at a piece of 3-D street art. 3-D street art is drawn in such a way that it [More]