When many of us think about art, the first thing we envision is a painting that hangs on a wall in a museum. Our thoughts may also go toward a sculpture, or perhaps even to a photograph but the fact of the matter is, there are numerous types of art and almost anything can be an art form, if it is done properly. One particular type of art that many people appreciate is 3-D street art, and these illusions are really a treat to the eyes. In this video, you get to see a wide variety of 3-D street art [More]
There is nothing quite like watching an artist at work. When somebody is truly gifted at their craft, it is not only the finished product that we appreciate; it is also the movement and the skill with which they create it. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a sculpture carved out of rock or a painting that hangs on the wall, it is the journey of getting to the point where it is considered “a piece of art” that is truly amazing. This time lapse video shows a 3-D chalk art of Super Mario being created. It was [More]
Street art can take on many different forms. In some cases, it can be quite small but the details make it look dramatic. In other cases, it may be larger and when that happens, there are often teams of artists that work together to get things done. When it comes to Tracy Lee Stum, however, she did something on her own that was not only monumental; it landed her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. What Stum did was to create a professional 3D chalk art painting, but she did so on a very large scale. In [More]
It doesn’t matter what type of event you are discussing, there is somebody that is going to do it bigger, better or faster. Many people strive to be the best at what they do but they may end up falling short of the mark. At some point or another, however, you will reach the top and then you may just be a world record holder. That is what happened with this impressive street art project. It took place back in November 2011 when London based street artists ‘3D Joe and Max’ teamed up with Reebok CrossFit. They started to put [More]
People travel for long distances to see a well-known piece of art. There is something about it that fills us with wonder and really makes us appreciate the art and the person who is responsible for creating it. Although you certainly could go to a museum to see art, it is not always necessary to do so. At times, it may be as easy as stepping outside and looking down at the sidewalk. What I’m talking about is 3-D street art, and it is really a popular art form in many parts of the world. In fact, they hold a [More]
Art is not just something that is meant to be looked at, it is meant to be experienced. People will travel for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of miles to see a famous painting or sculpture, and it has the ability to move them and to bring up emotions in a very unique way. Although we often equate this type of art with a masterpiece, such as the Mona Lisa, it can also be seen in modern-day art that may take place right in your own area. The type of art that I’m speaking of is 3-D street art. This [More]