Perhaps you have had the experience of walking down the street when suddenly, you see a crowd gathered around somebody who is drawing on the sidewalk. That person is a chalk artist, and the three-dimensional images that they draw trick the eyes in rather interesting ways. You may not have even thought that this was an art form, but it is one that many people appreciate and they may even travel great distances to see these talented individuals work. This video shows some of the most fantastic sidewalk art that has ever been drawn. In particular, it is two of [More]
People have used visual illusions for years in order to trick the eye into thinking that it is seeing something that is not really there. Magicians use it all the time but it can also be seen in a very special type of art. This 3-D street art is something that is gaining in popularity and when you see what they have created through this video, you will have to agree that it is an art form unlike any other. Admittedly, you’re not likely to see this type of 3-D street art hanging on a wall in a museum, but [More]
Many of us are talented in some way or another but an artist who is extremely talented at their craft is somebody that many of us appreciate. We may not know them personally, but we tend to become so familiar with their work it is as if we know them on a personal basis. After all, many artists will throw themselves into their work and, although they may create many different things, it always tends to have their own unique style attached. Although it certainly is possible to go to an art gallery to see a fine piece of art, [More]
We have all seen the work of street artists, and have marveled over the ability of them to trick the eye into thinking that you are looking at a three dimensional scene. They are drawn in such a way that they either appear as if they are going down into the drawing or perhaps as if something is coming up out of it. In any case, it is a type of art that we can appreciate when we are standing in front of it. Most people tend to lump street art into a single category but the fact of the [More]
Many people appreciate art, because it makes them ponder over how a person could make something so beautiful. This is not something new, but artists have been doing this for thousands of years. There are newer forms of art, however, but that doesn’t make them any less amazing when they are done by somebody who is talented. Perhaps one of the more interesting of those art forms is 3-D street art, also known as sidewalk chalk art. Of course, people have been drawing on the sidewalk for many years with chalk, but you may never have seen anything quite like [More]
When you visit an art gallery, it can be quite an experience. As you move from one piece of art to another, it really fills you with appreciation, not only for the piece of art itself but also for the individual who was responsible for creating it. Although it certainly is possible to visit an art museum to see such a masterpiece, they are also seen in many other areas as well. I’m talking about 3-D street art, something that has been gaining in popularity in recent years; and for good reason. It is absolutely fantastic to see, and it [More]
When most people think about sidewalk chalk, they envision children drawing outside in the driveway or on a nearby sidewalk. Although that certainly may be the case, there are also many talented individuals who create a masterpiece of artwork using chalk and a flat surface. In fact, people will travel great distances to see this type of art at a festival and if you have ever done so, you know how amazing it can be. Street painting may have been done for years but in modern times, it can be traced to Britain in the late 1800s. At that time, [More]
A fine piece of art can truly excite the senses. Not only can we see the art with our eyes, we are able to feel it in many ways as well. For example, if we were to look at a piece of art depicting a summer day picnic, we can almost hear the sounds of children playing and feel the warmth of the sun on our face. It truly is amazing how art can affect us in that way. Another type of art that can also affect our senses is 3-D chalk art. This art form is gaining in popularity [More]
Art is something that is a part of our lives and it is appreciated by most people in some form or another. Some individuals may hang pieces of art on the wall or others may travel long distances to a museum to see it in person. Doing so can really help you to gain an appreciation for some of the finer things in life and to allow you to ponder over what is more important for you. Although you certainly could travel long distances to see art from ancient days, it is also possible to see some of the newer [More]
Have you ever watched an artist work and it seems as if they can simply create something without any real effort on their part? It is true that they make it look effortless, and most of them are gifted in that area, but they will readily admit that anybody could do it if they only put their mind to it. That is also true of 3-D street art, and it might surprise you with exactly how possible it is for anyone to do. This video was created during the London Festival of Architecture in 2010. 3-D street artists, Philip Battle [More]
Many of us have seen the three-dimensional street art that is popular at many local events and festivals. When viewed from the proper angle it really takes on an entirely different feel and it may even make you a little bit dizzy, as it appears as if you are standing on the edge of a precipice. Of course, it is just an illusion, but it is one that is quite convincing. You may have seen this type of art before and perhaps you have stood on the edge or had someone take a picture of you interacting with it. What [More]
What would you do if you were walking along and suddenly, you came upon a large hole in the sidewalk. The hole appeared to be hundreds of feet deep and ahead of you, there was a waterfall cascading down into a pool of water below. I’m sure you would wonder what was going on but if you were at a 3-D street art festival, you would know exactly why it was there. 3-D street art is an amazing way for many modern day artists to show what they are capable of doing. For those who are talented in doing it, [More]