Street art can take on many different forms. In some cases, it can be quite small but the details make it look dramatic. In other cases, it may be larger and when that happens, there are often teams of artists that work together to get things done. When it comes to Tracy Lee Stum, however, she did something on her own that was not only monumental; it landed her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. What Stum did was to create a professional 3D chalk art painting, but she did so on a very large scale. In [More]
If you were to see a random person outside drawing on the sidewalk or perhaps on the side of the building, you might think that they were a vandal. In reality, they may be a type of artist that is known as a street artist, and the type of work that they do is beyond belief. Standing at one end of the 3-D street art they put down can make you feel as if you are standing on the edge of a mountain or perhaps looking at a city coming up out of the ground in front of you. The [More]
When most people think about sidewalk chalk, they envision children drawing outside in the driveway or on a nearby sidewalk. Although that certainly may be the case, there are also many talented individuals who create a masterpiece of artwork using chalk and a flat surface. In fact, people will travel great distances to see this type of art at a festival and if you have ever done so, you know how amazing it can be. Street painting may have been done for years but in modern times, it can be traced to Britain in the late 1800s. At that time, [More]
When many of us think about art, the first thing we envision is a painting that hangs on a wall in a museum. Our thoughts may also go toward a sculpture, or perhaps even to a photograph but the fact of the matter is, there are numerous types of art and almost anything can be an art form, if it is done properly. One particular type of art that many people appreciate is 3-D street art, and these illusions are really a treat to the eyes. In this video, you get to see a wide variety of 3-D street art [More]
It doesn’t matter what type of event you are discussing, there is somebody that is going to do it bigger, better or faster. Many people strive to be the best at what they do but they may end up falling short of the mark. At some point or another, however, you will reach the top and then you may just be a world record holder. That is what happened with this impressive street art project. It took place back in November 2011 when London based street artists ‘3D Joe and Max’ teamed up with Reebok CrossFit. They started to put [More]
When you visit an art gallery, it can be quite an experience. As you move from one piece of art to another, it really fills you with appreciation, not only for the piece of art itself but also for the individual who was responsible for creating it. Although it certainly is possible to visit an art museum to see such a masterpiece, they are also seen in many other areas as well. I’m talking about 3-D street art, something that has been gaining in popularity in recent years; and for good reason. It is absolutely fantastic to see, and it [More]
Many of us are talented in some way or another but an artist who is extremely talented at their craft is somebody that many of us appreciate. We may not know them personally, but we tend to become so familiar with their work it is as if we know them on a personal basis. After all, many artists will throw themselves into their work and, although they may create many different things, it always tends to have their own unique style attached. Although it certainly is possible to go to an art gallery to see a fine piece of art, [More]
When you look at a wonderful piece of art, it may just make you think about how it was created and you might even begin to consider that it was impossible to do. Of course, we recognize that many people are skilled in the art form that they take part in, which is why they are able to do what seems to be impossible. We can get that feeling in any type of artwork, but it is especially felt when you look at a piece of 3-D street art. 3-D street art is drawn in such a way that it [More]
There are many different types of art around us, and we may not truly appreciate all that it has to offer. When most of us think about art, we may think about paintings in a museum but that is really just scratching the surface of what is available. One type of art form that many people have come to appreciate in recent years is 3-D street art. It may be a newcomer to the scene, but it is one that is thrilling people on an ongoing basis. If you have never had the opportunity to see a 3-D chalk artist [More]
Talented individuals who have the ability to create artwork often tend to work on their own. They may hide themselves away in a studio somewhere or perhaps even paint in a small room in their home, and nobody typically sees them, they only see the work that they do. That isn’t the case with a street artist, however, because they often interact with the public while they are drawing and especially after it is completed. In this video, you’re introduced to Tracy Lee Stum, a professional 3-D chalk artist and the holder of a Guinness Book of World Records record. [More]
What would you do if you were walking along and suddenly, you came upon a large hole in the sidewalk. The hole appeared to be hundreds of feet deep and ahead of you, there was a waterfall cascading down into a pool of water below. I’m sure you would wonder what was going on but if you were at a 3-D street art festival, you would know exactly why it was there. 3-D street art is an amazing way for many modern day artists to show what they are capable of doing. For those who are talented in doing it, [More]
People travel for long distances to see a well-known piece of art. There is something about it that fills us with wonder and really makes us appreciate the art and the person who is responsible for creating it. Although you certainly could go to a museum to see art, it is not always necessary to do so. At times, it may be as easy as stepping outside and looking down at the sidewalk. What I’m talking about is 3-D street art, and it is really a popular art form in many parts of the world. In fact, they hold a [More]