If you were to see a random person outside drawing on the sidewalk or perhaps on the side of the building, you might think that they were a vandal. In reality, they may be a type of artist that is known as a street artist, and the type of work that they do is beyond belief. Standing at one end of the 3-D street art they put down can make you feel as if you are standing on the edge of a mountain or perhaps looking at a city coming up out of the ground in front of you. The [More]
There are many different types of art around us, and we may not truly appreciate all that it has to offer. When most of us think about art, we may think about paintings in a museum but that is really just scratching the surface of what is available. One type of art form that many people have come to appreciate in recent years is 3-D street art. It may be a newcomer to the scene, but it is one that is thrilling people on an ongoing basis. If you have never had the opportunity to see a 3-D chalk artist [More]
Various types of art have captivated the attention of the population for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, in many archaeological digs, art is one of the first things that they are able to locate. It may have a variety of meanings behind it, but it was a part of their lives and it continues to be a part of our lives down to this day. Of course, the type of art that we appreciate may vary from one person to another, but when it is done with style, there is nothing quite like it. One popular form [More]
Talented individuals who have the ability to create artwork often tend to work on their own. They may hide themselves away in a studio somewhere or perhaps even paint in a small room in their home, and nobody typically sees them, they only see the work that they do. That isn’t the case with a street artist, however, because they often interact with the public while they are drawing and especially after it is completed. In this video, you’re introduced to Tracy Lee Stum, a professional 3-D chalk artist and the holder of a Guinness Book of World Records record. [More]
When we were children, we may have spent some time drawing with chalk on the sidewalk or perhaps in our driveway. Our little creations were something that our parents appreciated, but it was not something that most people would travel great distances to see. Although most of us have put down the chalk and moved on with our lives, there are others who continue to use chalk but they do so in the most amazing ways. 3-D sidewalk art is a relatively new type of art form, but it is one that has gained a large following in its short [More]
Most of us are familiar with many of the famous art pieces, such as Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or perhaps Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. When we look at these completed pieces of art, it can really make us wonder how they were able to be created. On the other hand, when you see artwork that is being created in front of you, it helps to enhance your appreciation for the end result. Perhaps you are familiar with 3-D Street painting, and it is quite interesting to stand in front of it and watch it come [More]
People have always used art as a way to express themselves and in some cases, talented individuals use it as an outlet for their creativity. We can look at examples of the way that this was done from hundreds of years ago. For example, the Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings, and people will travel great distances, just to get a look at it. Of course, art is not limited to what you may see in the museum. In some cases, the art may be done outside, and that is the case with street art. This type [More]
When you look at a wonderful piece of art, it may just make you think about how it was created and you might even begin to consider that it was impossible to do. Of course, we recognize that many people are skilled in the art form that they take part in, which is why they are able to do what seems to be impossible. We can get that feeling in any type of artwork, but it is especially felt when you look at a piece of 3-D street art. 3-D street art is drawn in such a way that it [More]
When you look at a talented artist doing a three-dimensional street art piece, it can really be a source of wonder. In many cases, these pieces of art are extremely large and it is not out of the question for the artist to work on them for hours or perhaps even days at a time. They may even work as teams, and the cooperation that they have with each other really makes a difference in the finished product. This particular piece of street art took place at the Festival of World Culture in 2008. It is a large piece of [More]
When you visit an art museum, you may find yourself going from one picture to another, looking at what was created. Some of them may have been painted hundreds of years ago and others may be more modern, but when they are done by somebody who is talented, it can really excite the senses. That is sure to be what you experience when you look at this type of art, which is different than what you may see in a museum. It is known as 3-D street art, and it is either put down with chalk on the sidewalk or [More]
When it comes to art, we probably have our own, personal favorites. For some, it is a masterpiece, such as the Mona Lisa but for others, it may be ancient sculptures or perhaps even something more modern and contemporary. Although there are many different types of art to choose from, one that should certainly not be left out of the mix is 3-D street art. It is an art form that truly tantalizes the senses. Perhaps you have never had the opportunity to see 3-D street art in person, but you enjoy seeing pictures online. This video shows one of [More]
Perhaps you have had the experience of walking down the street when suddenly, you see a crowd gathered around somebody who is drawing on the sidewalk. That person is a chalk artist, and the three-dimensional images that they draw trick the eyes in rather interesting ways. You may not have even thought that this was an art form, but it is one that many people appreciate and they may even travel great distances to see these talented individuals work. This video shows some of the most fantastic sidewalk art that has ever been drawn. In particular, it is two of [More]