The Crevasse – Making of 3D Street Art

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When you look at a talented artist doing a three-dimensional street art piece, it can really be a source of wonder. In many cases, these pieces of art are extremely large and it is not out of the question for the artist to work on them for hours or perhaps even days at a time. They may even work as teams, and the cooperation that they have with each other really makes a difference in the finished product.

This particular piece of street art took place at the Festival of World Culture in 2008. It is a large piece of 3-D street art created by Edgar Mueller. As you can see, however, there were other people passing by constantly and the public was even able to get involved. That is the beauty of street art, it involves other people and individuals can interact with it when it is finished.

Edgar Mueller is from Germany but he has been creating street art in many areas around the world. He first entered into competition when he was in high school but, as you can see, he certainly has taken his art form to higher levels and the end result shows it.