Anybody Can Do 3D Street Art

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Have you ever watched an artist work and it seems as if they can simply create something without any real effort on their part? It is true that they make it look effortless, and most of them are gifted in that area, but they will readily admit that anybody could do it if they only put their mind to it. That is also true of 3-D street art, and it might surprise you with exactly how possible it is for anyone to do.

This video was created during the London Festival of Architecture in 2010. 3-D street artists, Philip Battle and Catherine McCahon are known for the projects that they create but they also wanted to show others that they could create as well. They invited some individuals from the general public who did not have any background knowledge about creating a 3-D street art and they helped them to create something phenomenal.

When people passed by their station in Reuters Plaza, they would randomly ask them if they would like to take part in a 3-D street art project. Although it was done by amateurs, the results are absolutely astounding and you will not believe what they were able to create.