Interactive 3D Street Art, Sidewalk art

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Talented individuals who have the ability to create artwork often tend to work on their own. They may hide themselves away in a studio somewhere or perhaps even paint in a small room in their home, and nobody typically sees them, they only see the work that they do. That isn’t the case with a street artist, however, because they often interact with the public while they are drawing and especially after it is completed.

In this video, you’re introduced to Tracy Lee Stum, a professional 3-D chalk artist and the holder of a Guinness Book of World Records record. She didn’t start out as a street artist but rather, she was doing murals. When she saw a bunch of street artists working at a festival, however, she realized that she had to take part in it. In fact, it was the interaction with other people that truly drew her to the process.

As she explains in this video, 3-D street art is designed to looked at through a camera lens. When you’re standing in front of it, it really jumps off the pavement at you but it does so at a particular angle and at the height of a camera. That is why human interaction is so common in this type of art.