Fantastic Sidewalk Art – The Chalk Guys

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Perhaps you have had the experience of walking down the street when suddenly, you see a crowd gathered around somebody who is drawing on the sidewalk. That person is a chalk artist, and the three-dimensional images that they draw trick the eyes in rather interesting ways. You may not have even thought that this was an art form, but it is one that many people appreciate and they may even travel great distances to see these talented individuals work.

This video shows some of the most fantastic sidewalk art that has ever been drawn. In particular, it is two of the most talented street artists, Julian Beever and Edgar Mueller. As the video takes you from one image to another, it will make you wonder if you are actually seeing what was drawn on the sidewalk. Thanks to the talent of these individuals, they can really make it appear as if you are looking down through the image or seeing something come out at you.

If you never had the opportunity to see 3-D sidewalk art in person, it is something that is well worth pursuing. There are a number of festivals or they may be hired to do the art in your area. Take the time to look and you will see exactly how talented these artists can be.