Extreme 3D Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

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When we were children, we may have spent some time drawing with chalk on the sidewalk or perhaps in our driveway. Our little creations were something that our parents appreciated, but it was not something that most people would travel great distances to see. Although most of us have put down the chalk and moved on with our lives, there are others who continue to use chalk but they do so in the most amazing ways.

3-D sidewalk art is a relatively new type of art form, but it is one that has gained a large following in its short lifespan. As a matter of fact, people will travel for great distances to gather together to show what they can do or to look at what others are able to create. It excites the senses but it also tricks the eyes into making it appear as if you are looking at a three-dimensional image.

This type of 3-D sidewalk art can be seen in many areas, but there are some individuals who are quite talented. This video shows you some of the most extreme 3-D sidewalk chalk drawings in existence. It will really make you rethink what art has to offer.