Super Mario – 3D Chalk Art – Time Lapse

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There is nothing quite like watching an artist at work. When somebody is truly gifted at their craft, it is not only the finished product that we appreciate; it is also the movement and the skill with which they create it. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a sculpture carved out of rock or a painting that hangs on the wall, it is the journey of getting to the point where it is considered “a piece of art” that is truly amazing.

This time lapse video shows a 3-D chalk art of Super Mario being created. It was created in Denver, Colorado, and you can really see the patience of the man who is working on it. After all, you can’t simply draw the entire thing at once, it is absolutely a process and in this particular case, it took 11 hours to complete from the time that he started. It was well worth it in the end.

The street artist in this video is Chris Carlson. Although he is well-known for this particular time lapse video, this isn’t the only creation of his. In fact, he has made some amazing 3-D drawings that really capture the mind of those who wander by.