3D Street Art – the best of Julian Beever

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When it comes to art, we probably have our own, personal favorites. For some, it is a masterpiece, such as the Mona Lisa but for others, it may be ancient sculptures or perhaps even something more modern and contemporary. Although there are many different types of art to choose from, one that should certainly not be left out of the mix is 3-D street art. It is an art form that truly tantalizes the senses.

Perhaps you have never had the opportunity to see 3-D street art in person, but you enjoy seeing pictures online. This video shows one of the most talented 3-D street artists and some of the work that he has been able to accomplish. His name is Julian Beever, and he’s famous for his artwork that appears on pavements in France, Germany, England, the United States, Belgium and Australia.

Not only do you can see his work, which is absolutely beautiful, you get to see it from different angles as well. 3-D street art looks fantastic when you are looking at it properly but when you go from a different angle, you get to see the artist’s perspective of what is taking place.