3D Street Art Slideshow

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When you visit an art museum, you may find yourself going from one picture to another, looking at what was created. Some of them may have been painted hundreds of years ago and others may be more modern, but when they are done by somebody who is talented, it can really excite the senses. That is sure to be what you experience when you look at this type of art, which is different than what you may see in a museum.

It is known as 3-D street art, and it is either put down with chalk on the sidewalk or other flat surface or perhaps paint may be used. The artist attempts to trick your mind into thinking that you are looking at a three dimensional object. Perhaps it may be a hole in the pavement or it may even be a bird that is swooping down to land in the area.

When an artist is talented in doing 3-D street art, they are in high demand. They will even travel long distances to attend festivals in various areas. The video below shows you some of the work that they perform, and it could really give you a feel for what you will experience if you were standing in front of it.