3D Street Art, 6

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A fine piece of art can truly excite the senses. Not only can we see the art with our eyes, we are able to feel it in many ways as well. For example, if we were to look at a piece of art depicting a summer day picnic, we can almost hear the sounds of children playing and feel the warmth of the sun on our face. It truly is amazing how art can affect us in that way.

Another type of art that can also affect our senses is 3-D chalk art. This art form is gaining in popularity and if you have ever seen it, you certainly know why. Not only does it look fantastic when you are looking at pictures of sidewalk art online, you really get a feel for it when you are standing there looking at it in person.

Although this video will not transport you to the spot where these drawings were made, they will help to heighten your appreciation for the art form and for the person who created it. After all, it tricks the eyes into believing you are looking at a 3 dimensional scene when you are really just looking at chalk on the sidewalk.