3D Street Art, 4

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What would you do if you were walking along and suddenly, you came upon a large hole in the sidewalk. The hole appeared to be hundreds of feet deep and ahead of you, there was a waterfall cascading down into a pool of water below. I’m sure you would wonder what was going on but if you were at a 3-D street art festival, you would know exactly why it was there.

3-D street art is an amazing way for many modern day artists to show what they are capable of doing. For those who are talented in doing it, there is nothing quite like it. It helps to give them an outlet for their creativity but it also provides any onlookers with an opportunity to see something truly amazing. The 3 dimensional art makes you feel as if the drawing is coming out at you, or perhaps it is falling away through the surface.

This type of art form has been gaining in popularity in recent years but it can be traced back over a century. Regardless of how long you have been following this art form, you will love these examples that trick the eye into seeing something that isn’t really there.