3D Street Art, 2

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If you were to see a random person outside drawing on the sidewalk or perhaps on the side of the building, you might think that they were a vandal. In reality, they may be a type of artist that is known as a street artist, and the type of work that they do is beyond belief. Standing at one end of the 3-D street art they put down can make you feel as if you are standing on the edge of a mountain or perhaps looking at a city coming up out of the ground in front of you.

The way that these 3-D street artists work is not a secret, but it is quite amazing to watch. Some of them use chalk, others may use paint in one form or another but one thing that it all has in common is the fact that it is amazing. You can see some examples of this different type of art in the video below.

Many types of art hang on a wall or sit on the shelf and don’t really do much other than make us feel good. Street art, on the other hand, is interactive and we may find that it provides the perfect opportunity for an awesome picture.