20 Pieces of Impossible 3D Street Art

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When you look at a wonderful piece of art, it may just make you think about how it was created and you might even begin to consider that it was impossible to do. Of course, we recognize that many people are skilled in the art form that they take part in, which is why they are able to do what seems to be impossible. We can get that feeling in any type of artwork, but it is especially felt when you look at a piece of 3-D street art.

3-D street art is drawn in such a way that it makes it appear as if you’re looking at a three-dimensional image. In reality, it is drawn on a two-dimensional surface and there is nothing three-dimensional about it. It is just there to trick the eyes and make you feel as if you are looking down through the image or perhaps that something is actually coming up out of the sidewalk at you.

The 20 pieces of impossible 3-D street art in this video are going to make you rethink art in general. They look fantastic in this video and in real life, they look realistic.